La Timba Loca the nights in Caracas, the fierce salsa, the "son", and the purest and strongest energy of the streets are the foundation of LTL. This project was born out of the evolution of Afro-Latin music and the need to maintain an original essence. Artists like Johnny Pacheco, Daniel Santos and Beni More are at the heart of this music's ever-changing nature and what we consider salsa to be today. This new salsa is LTL's trademark. LTL, an 12-piece band of international musicians was born from this heritage. Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Holland, Puerto Rico and the United States form the melting pot of this group which holds as its common ground the rhythm known today as "timba", the latest innovation of the salsa movement. LTL's repertoire is a mix of Latin music classics rearranged and adapted to this new style, as well as original pieces that retain an old flavor but have an added touch of today.



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